Studio by Mobimex creates tables, seating and cabinet furniture for living, working and public areas. Subtlety, simple forms, exciting materials and a subdued colour palette, trademarks of Studio by Mobimex. A destination for timeless design. Furniture that can enrich any room.

The concept of the brand is to build a bridge between mainstream and high design while offering high quality products at acceptable prices. Rather than thinking of a specific type of furniture, when designing we prefer to think of a group of people who share the same sense of aesthetics and interests, but who are all very individual. They are busy and have a cosmopolitan lifestyle. They are interested in current events in culture, business, art and politics. This group is self-confident and style-conscious and values quality and design in all areas of life.

Our collection combines traditional craft methods and innovative techniques, proven natural materials and experimental accents to create a timeless collection.


Achieving great things with simple means – this is what fascinates us at Studio by Mobimex.

The mood in rooms changes with the time of day and the course of the sun. Depending on the weather, atriums and skylights provide diffuse brightness or create a contrasting play of light and shadow. Just like the simple but fascinating play of light between the sun and architecture, we also try to achieve great things with simple means – we value this philosophy not only in architecture, art and photography, it was also the driving force behind the creation of the new, minimalist collection from Studio by Mobimex. The entire designer guild that we have commissioned to design products for us live and love the core values of Studio as much as we do, and you can see this in the products.

Focusing on form and functionality, our furnitures incorporates traditional methods and innovative new techniques to create a timeless collection.

We are lucky to be able to work with a subject we are passionate about – and getting together with people we like is essential for our daily life and success.

Philippe Walther, CEO